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My name is Jeanette, I'm retired mother of 2 grown ups and I live in Bulgaria I started in PSP land approx 3 years ago and absolutely love it so much so that I opened this store in Sept 2017, For me I find it relaxing and challenging at the same time. Please pop along into the store and have a look you never know something might grab your intention.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

LTB Valentine Bears

Valentine bears are adorable renders that can be used in place of people for Valentines tags . This set contains 5 bears.  When thinking about what I was going to do I wanted something fun so I made a store with a sidewalk out front.

  Here are the tags I made:

Looking for the bears ? Check out Digital Scrappin Depot
Want to see more from DSD check out their blog HERE
Want to see more of what I do check out the rest of my blog HERE
Hope you enjoyed what I did with the bears .
Have a wonderful day .

Sunday, February 18, 2018
CT Tag for Digital Scrappin Depot : Sweet Valentine includes 125 elements 8 papers and 4 frames. As part of the kit the bear is ©LTB Creations and the dog is by©Tamara Scrap Vision 

You can find the kit at Digital Scrappin Depot Store 

 Her blog is here 

my blog is https://nddesigns.us/dkkblog
Tags for Fantasy Catz Designz and Jeanett Barbs Ann

Thursday, February 15, 2018

~✿~Ct for Digital Scrappin Designs~✿~
~✿~KIT Sweet Angel by TADD~✿~
© Tube by Julia Fox
Sweet Angel ‘s colours are Black and Apricot,
113 Elements, 4 Frames and 12 Papers
You can have fun with this kit
Let your imagination run away and create.
TADD is designer of the month 50% off Kits
25% off Clusters and 25% off all CU Poducts
You can find this Kit here”
You can view on my Blog.
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Birthday Kit by Fantasy Catz Designz

Happy Birthday Kit

by Fantasy Catz Designz

Happy Birthday for the kit Happy Birthday by Fantasy Catz Designz. The kit has a wonderful set of elements and papers as well as frames.  The kit contains 200 elements 30 papers and 8 frames.  I have found a new favorite designer added to my favorite’s list, Fantasy Catz Designz. The kits she makes are amazing to me and the one I worked with today is up there for amazing and one of my favorites. In making this tag I decided to take a new approach and not use any outside posers or tubes as it did not need it . A fun tag for anyones birthday to show some fun with the tag I put in a frame around it and move the presents to the edge of that frame.    happy Birthday kit preview 
I made a few tags as well :    happy Birthday kit preview   happy Birthday kit preview  happy Birthday kit preview       

 Thank you to Jeanett for letting me work with her kit and make these beautiful tags. You can get the kit at Digital Scrappin Depot Here
Another store the kit is in is Here
Another place to check out is the store blog Here If you would like to see more of my Creative Team work or other things I make please check out the  my blog Here  


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sippin Coffee CT Tag

  Sippin coffee CT Tag using the work of ©Alec Rud for the tubes and the kit Holiday Magic by Tiny Dancer Posers. You can find Alec Rud tubes at Pics for Designs and Tiny Dancer Posers at Digital Scrappin Depot The Kit Holiday Magic includes: 14 papers 52 elements 4 frame

  Sippin Coffee 

  For Tags I have made a few   First one for the Artist Alec Rud.

 Another for the Kit Maker Tiny Dancer Posers.

 And a few for taggers in the CT group.   

 To find more of Tiny Dancer Posers Kits check out Digital Scrappin Depot. If you would like to see more CT ( Creative Team ) work I do . Please check out my section of the blog called CT work . Thank you for looking .

 Please come back and check out new items .


Love is You kit by Tiny Dancer Posers

Love is You kit by Tiny Dancer Posers

Love is You Kit something different in the way of kits. Simplicity yet still fun. As a CT( Creative Team Member ) for a little while now I have found a new favorite designer added to my favorite’s list. She is Tiny Dancer Posers. The kits she makes are amazing to me and the one I worked with today is up there for amazing and one of my favorites.
This kit was fascinating to me, as it had one of the old chairs you would see in a fancy living room or sitting room . So I designed the tag in such a way that the tag looked like a fancy room. To make the tag fun I used the work of ©Mary’s Art and Photos which were some bears she made  as the tubes I chose. I also added a table which was not in the kit to make the room look right . 
Love is You Kit  has 11 papers 2 frames 52 Elements
love is kit preview
You can find her kits at here: http://digitalscrappindepot.com/store/index.php
©Mary’s Art and Photos, due to the store closing she is no longer available.
I made tags for a few too. 

Thank you for looking .
If your interested in looking at more of my CT work or other things I do please take a look from the front of my Bog here .

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